Sketchers Rebrand

Role: Brand Design

Timeframe: 3 months

Class: Brand Identity System

Tools: Illustrator, Photoshop

Proposed a new direction for Skechers and their product line in order to keep up with the saturated footwear industry and the growing market for activewear. Re-examined Skechers target audience and created a brand identity system surrounding their wants and needs. 

Design Challenge

The main challenge of this project was to develop a strong logo mark that would be successful on a multitude of deliverables and a complimentary brand system.

User Research

The initial research revolved around gaining awareness of the companies brand values and identity. Research was conducted via the current website, social media pages, previous advertisements and customer reviews to get a comprehensive list of what improvements could be made.

Understanding the Market

Skechers current consumer base spans from young children all the way to seniors. For this project the target audience and corresponding product was altered to hone in on Millennials specifically. Deliverables were based strictly on athletic wear instead of their general lifestyle products.


The key words innovative, movement and technology were identified to represent the current brand and to be incorporated into the new sketches. A minimalist logo that works well on both a shoe and in a digital format was the goal.

Introducing Coffeehouse

The final product consists of a redesigned logo, typography system, color palette and graphical elements. The rebranded deliverables provide Sketchers with an elevated feel that allows the target audience to clearly identify with the products and messaging system. 

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