Role: UX/UI Designer

Timeframe: 2 months

Tools: Figma, Photoshop

A website redesign for a coffeehouse based in Capitola California that focuses on giving users an intuitive platform with a luxurious feel. 

Design Challenge

The main challenge faced during this project was finding ways to elevate the site to give it a high-end feel while still holding true to the companies free spirit values. 

User Research

To optimize user flow, research was conducted on thriving competitors. Analysis on minimizing clicks, layout optimization, call to action placement and imagery were all explored.


Understanding the flow of the user and their intent to visit the site drove the development of the layout. The user interface design consisted of harsh lines, bold text, relaxing colors and overlapping images to enhance the luxurious feel.

Introducing Coffeehouse

The final website allows users to effectively navigate throughout the site while simultaneously getting a glimpse into how special this coffeehouse truly is.  

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