The Brake Boys Branding

Role: Brand and UX/UI Designer

Timeframe: 3 months

Class: Design Studio

Tools: Figma, Illustrator, Photoshop

A logo and website development for a startup company that invented the first universal braking mechanism for longboards. 

Design Challenge

The main challenge faced during this project was developing a mark that resonated with the niche target audience. Creating a mark that could stand alone while also working successfully on multiple platforms was another challenge.

User Research

The initial research revolved around becoming aware of the longboarding community as well as understanding the meaning behind the clients values of safety, community and health. Research was conducted on the  skateboarding community and potential competitors. 

Understanding the Market

The target audience consisted of college-aged males who had a passion for longboarding. The consumer base for this project was narrow so it took a great deal of research and discussion about how to optimally cater towards the audience.


The goal of this logo was to have a simple signature mark that had multiple meanings hidden within. The final logo embodied the wheels of a skateboard and the two abstract “B’s” in Brake Boys represent the company’s name. The website was an extension of the logo which included the same color palette and simple yet dynamic tone.

Introducing The Brake Boys

The final product consists of a logo, typography system, color palette and website prototype. The deliverables allow for an identifiable mark that can span across all media and print platforms. 

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